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DJ Loop Synth Keyboard Plus

Développeur Academ Media Labs, LLC
19.99 USD

Hey, piano guys! This virtual music instrument was made for you. DJ Loop Synth Keyboard Plus – this your must-have music making application. All these real piano keys or synthesizer keyboards are too heavy and too expensive. This music creation studio is definitely much easier and cheaper. Built-in presets and sound effects will make your sound more exquisite and juicy. Dont waste your time, try it now!

HOW TO PLAY: First, choose one of the huge number of presets and loops for lead or bass part your future music track. Use keys to produce the sound and start composing the best electronic music masterpiece. Dont forget about compressor sound filter – control attack, decay and release settings.

DJ Loop Synth Keyboard Plus features:
- Complete virtual synthesizer for pro musicians and beginners
- Great library of loops and presets
- Compressor sound filter
- Huge presets collection

Be the best music maker on the wave of popular electronic music. Its your time to shine! DJ Loop Synth Keyboard Plus will help you to open up new horizons in this music creation.